Pipe and Pipe Fittings

SHIVA HDPE Pipes and Pipe Fittings are available in vast range and in various materials, whatever is your application... We have the Piping System - that can be installed on surface, buried, slip lined, trench less, floating and submerged. SHIVA HDPE pipes can be used in Fluids transport include, For Lifting, Transporting, Conveying, Distributing Disposing or Tapping of Water, waste-water (drainage & sewage), compressed gases/air, odorous and corrosive gasses, chemicals and hazardous wastes/effluents. Solids conveyed include coal ash, slurries, sand and cables.

Whatever we manufacture we have aligned with conservation, Water & Energy conservation and nature protection with our products like Plastic Piping Systems, Solar Water heating Systems, Micro Irrigation Systems, Food Processing and Plastic Sheets.

SHIVA HDPE Piping Systems are manufactured in our most modern manufacturing and testing facility. SHIVA HDPE pipes is one of the largest polymer processor in A.P.

In Piping Systems we have systems from Water to Gas distribution, Chemical to Cable conveyance, Groundwater tapping to Waste disposal, Micro Irrigation to Lift irrigation; Hand pumps to house service connections. This unique range of products is complemented by excellent quality and services.

Product – Various Applications:

• Shivaganga HDPE pipes are best suitable and choice of material for pumping mains and distribution lines for following applications.

• Portable water for the municipal urban, rural and industrial sectors.

• For conveying waste water for the Industrial sector.

• For conveying slurry and other fluids in projects of mining/Steel and power generation plants.

• Bore wells / Submersible pump sets (for suction of water).


• Our HDPE pipes offers a number of Technical and Commercial advantages when compared with other conventional piping systems.

• The smooth interior surface provides a high flow factor that does not decrease forever.

      o Corrosion resistant.

      o Scratch and impact resistant.

      o Adjustable to soil movements due to its flexiable nature.

      o Lighter in weight.

      o Chemical resistant.

      o Longer lengths (Available in coil shapes) which reduces the number of joints and reduces the possibilities of       human errors in the installations.

      o Easy to Transport.

      o Cost-effective- installation.

How, we maintain overall quality:

• Procurement of Raw-Materials from petrochemical companies such as

      o Reliance Industries Limited.
      o Haldia Petrochemicals Ltd.
      o Gail India Ltd.

• Inspection of Raw-Materials before put them to use in to process.

• In Process stage inspection at a frequency of every 30 minuts confirming to specifications.

• Final Inspection of HDPE PIPES for.

      o Internal Pressure Creep Rupture Test ( 48 Hours).
      o Reversion Test.
      o Overall Migration Test.
      o Density Test @ 27 Deg.C.
      o Melt Flow Index Test.
      o Carbon black content & dispersion Test.

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